Sunday, 17 August 2008

Yes - I ventured into Spotlight :)

After all of the illness, hospital and generally negative things occuring in this household in recent weeks we found ourselves enjoying a lovely weekend. No sun, sand and friovolity as it's just too freezing for that in these parts, but nonetheless we popped on hats and jackets and trekked off shopping and such.

I hate shopping. With a passion. But I needed some supplies from Spotlight so I journeyed into the world of the crafter - a rarity, I can tell you. I found what I was looking for (a miracle) and then proceeded to accidentally jump the really long cue to get fabric cut. No, didn't buy fabric, just not going into the modern fabric trade - there are enough new fabric sellers out there to service every single buyer around the world, from what I can see!

Logan had a great time looking at all of the Halloween stuff they've popped in their kiddies section. He gets a new Halloween costume every year to go trick or treating with Nanny up and down one the street. Lots of kids do it here. Makes for such a fun day! I think this year he is leaning wowards the 'ghoul'. Last year he was Harry Potter (yes - so not original!)

We stayed in this morning to watch the women's marathon at the Beijing Olympics. How taut are those gals??? Not a sniff of fat to be seen - absolutely amazing specimens of bodies. I haven't watched a lot of the Olympics this time around as the Channel 7 coverage is lacking for us and we're just not 'fond' of China hosting such a wonderful event. Human rights, that type of thing :)

Lastly, I have got some fabrics together to pop onto the website - started earlier today, but the website is on delay, so they'll pop up slowly. Two amazing retro super graphic pieces and gorgeous old cottons. How's that middle one with the ladies hat, slippers and basket? It's a delight, isn't it? Yes - it has to be a Tootal! Ya gotta love those Tootal cottons!

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  1. Sounds like you had an easy weekend. Good for you.