Sunday, 24 April 2011

A Happy Easter to all!


I am the Mama who forgot to buy the baskets to collect the Easter eggs. Yes - I am the one who supplied the very versatile green shopping bags to collect the billion or so dollops of chocolate in every nook and cranny of our backyard. Yes, I am the photographer-Mama who couldn't keep up with her sons as they screamed around the yard collecting the eggs. Yes, I am the Mama who stepped on eggs trying to get some Easter photos of her sons, husband and Mum careering around the back yard. Yes, I am the Mama who adores Easter - a time for piping hot roast lunches, too much chocolate, too much bubbly and sweet hot cross buns for breakfast and dinner. Yes, 'tis me - I am the Mama who is now reaching for bed after a 6am start with boys exchanging eggs the bunny had left. What an Easter! Wonderful family times - I wouldn't have it any other way...

Happy Easter to you all - may you be merry, safe and on your 400th Easter egg when you read this post!


PS. Note the feathery girls checking out the 'colourful' eggs above. Priceless. For once we wanted other oval shaped things instead of theirs!


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