Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Versatile? Who....me?


I am not sure if I am versatile - especially at blogging - but the lovely Rel at Cricketty Snippets has given me a versatile blogger award. I have to share seven facts about myself and hand the baton over. Here's some bits about me:

1. I have a vegetable oil intolerance.

2. I don't do dresses or skirts or skorts or knickerbockers or anything of the like. I am a simple gal - Thai pants and jeans and khakis are enough for moi. And they're even better in basic black. And I live in Birks and thongs. I hate shopping, you see.

3. I didn't get my license until I was 27. Well - when you lived in inner-city Melbourne you didn't need it. But as soon as I left Melbourne I couldn't get behind the wheel fast enough.

4. I wasn't supposed to be able to have kids - and now I have two.

5. I was called Bigbird, Legs, Stretch and Joel Garner at primary school cos I was 5'9 in grade six. Lucky I finished growing that same year.

6. I think I can remember the moments after being born. Someone wrapped me too tight in a blanket and I remember thinking 'they do this still?'. I have spoken of this memory since I was a toddler. My memories go back to the age of two.

7. I am drawn to Heide and Sunday Reed and Albert Tucker and Joy Hester. I have no idea why. The Angry Penguins have been a part of my life for longer than I remember.

I have been taking a little break away from the business and business things. I couldn't help myself. Still working behind the lines, though - just not up front, in the media, so to speak. But, fear not dear peeps, things are going up and up in the world of Retro Age...hurrah!

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  1. Thanks for playing! Can't believe you have that early memory! It must be hard to keep away from vegetable oil in this day and age as it must be lurking so many products.