Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New homes and the urban sprawl.

What do you think about suburbia?

As parents of the next generation, Justin and I have a growing concern for our land. Some countries have got it right and they are building 'up' - but Australia, ever in love with the quarter acre block, seems to have capital cities that are expanding instead of rising. Melbourne is one of them.

What is going to happen to our food when we use our food bowl land to live on?
Where are our indigenous animals going to go when we build structures on their dirt and bulldoze their trees?

Earth is about living and sharing - it is not meant to be a metropolis. Why don't more people reuse the houses already built and live multi-generational? Is that the very essence of reuse, recycle and sustainability?

Now I'll go outside and look at the stars.


  1. Ugghh! Tell me about it.
    It makes me so upset. When we drive uptown we pass lots of market gardens. They're under threat of "ticky tacky" housing estates.
    I do what I can to look after the earth, it's so upsetting when the majority of people where blinkers & choose not to care.
    Thank you for sharing the video.
    The stars are lovely tonight.

  2. Hey Kitty!

    We have two new housing estates going up here - what was once beautiful pastures and workable land is now el cheapo modern housing (that all looks the same)...

    They are dust bowls and so soul-less...

    The stars were indeed very pretty - we are so lucky we can see them :)