Tuesday, 26 April 2011



Today is the first day since mid-last week where I've had some time to catch up with the business. I am fiddling around with my blog template as I feel the need to declutter it - again (and excuse us while it looks a little ugly over the next day or two). Can't half tell I am a minimalist type of gal. I am spent after a very busy, but wonderful Easter. Today is definitely sitting on the couch with a DVD type of day.

Yesterday saw us all traipse off to Dinosaurs Alive in Docklands, Melbourne. We have been blessed with beautiful weather and Melbourne was at her best after a foggy start to ANZAC Day. Seven large dinosaurs, all mechanical and roary, delighted the kids. This photo is of Spinosaurus - maybe due to his big spine-fin-thing? He was a meat eater. Yum yum humans if we were running around then...

I am getting myself all sorted today with emails etc - my, orders flooding in over Easter! Thank you, dear customers. Back to normal programming tomorrow.

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