Friday, 8 April 2011



I didn't realise I was so preoccupied with the sky until I started looking over old photos. These were taken in December 2010 and are an amazing analogy for my life at the moment. The past six months have been wonderful, but very frustrating. For example, there is much movement I want with the business but I have been unable to act on ideas.


With my Grandmother passing it removed a rock I have had my whole life. My world seemed to lose some shine. But now, with each day, I am finding life is richer, again. Everything is getting clearer.


Now I know the time is right for life to move down a more liberating pathway. I know I am moving in the right direction - a rich direction - and my life is starting to sparkle once again. I want my life to be awe-inspiring, breath-taking and a life lived well.

If, at my own sunset, I can't leave the earth with a better view, I know I should have done more. And the last thing I want at that time is regrets. I don't have any to date and I don't intend to start gathering them now.


  1. A beautiful series and thoughts...good luck with your new start. I noticed there was no dawn photo to go along with the fresh start analogy! You must be a night owl like myself! BTW I have tagged you with a "versatile blogger award" if you'd like to play along.

  2. Hi Rel! I know - no dawn photo. I should complete the series, shouldn't I? But, alas - I am a night owl and love the quiestness and jet black time of night. But I do love the sun coming up, too :)

    Thank you for the versatile blogger award - I would love to play along!

    Have a great week!

  3. There are skies that are unique at a certain given moment. That last one with that orangish color is really something. I don´t remember seeing such a beutiful sky since the time I was in Argentina. I was looking to rent apartments in buenos aires that had a nice view. I found one that in the evenings revealed the pinkest sky ever!