Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A change for the better - or worse?

I have been quite the organic gal of late. Eating only grass fed lamb and beef, organic vegies, free range eggs and free range chicken. No seeds or legumes. Minimal fruit and nuts. It's a primal thing and it seems to be working well with my body. More movement. Less boring sitting. More life. More good fats, more protein, less junk and seeds and wheat my body can't seem to tolerate!

We are going through a strange Spring in these parts - it appears like Southern Australia is now tropical, whereas a generation ago it was dry heat. So now I am experiencing fierce winds and high humidity and rain and electrical storms when usually it's a mild 23 degrees and you can sit and read in peace. But everything is change, isn't it?

I am currently loving the organic strawberries I pick at a local strawberry farm and organic dark chocolate sweetened with agave. I am loving crisp salads and my roast pumpkin soup or turnip and cauliflower mash. We eat to the sounds of tropical thunderstorms, wearing Summer clothing and Birks, all the while wondering where 2011 went and how fast bloody Santa is coming.

But it's all good. Life is bloody good.

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