Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Dating the fabric in your stash...

As I slow down I am hearing a little voice hint things to me. Simplify. Minimize. Pack up differently. So I am heeding these little messages and working with them. Even though the work room is now worse than it was two days ago it is also strangely better - there is a different light at the end of the tunnel and I just have to walk towards it.

I put up a part of a collection from a lady who dated her fabrics when she purchased them - either with a year, a cost or the actual receipt. The fabric above is one from her collection, purchased in 1970 from Woolworths for $2.85. It's a totes great idea to date when you purchase your fabric - that way your stash will have a story and a history...


  1. Thanks for the Heads up Vanessa, great when someone helps out with dates. I agree dating your fabric is a fab idea, rarely done though since most was meant to be used. They didn't collect fabric like we do back then. This is a fantastic piece regardless of the date. Thanks again for your help dating this one. cheers elizabeth

  2. I do date fabrics! Yes - these things become important. Sounds like a wonderful batch from this lady, will take a look. Also love it that you share the introspective moments in your workroom - pearls of wisdom! Thanks - Helen