Thursday, 3 November 2011

Checking in....

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I decided to have a little fun on ebay yesterday and uploaded these lovely bolt ends for auction. Why, you ask...why oh why would you put those lovelies up on ebay, that monolith of corporation and greed??? I have no idea. I just wanted to have a little bit o' fun and I felt like doing it yesterday. Strange, I know.

In other fun news, I have given up wheat and legumes, processed sugar and basically processed's all meat, fish, chicken, pork, eggs and vegies and many organic and grass fed animals as possible. I am working on cutting the meat down, but the protein is great for my body, at the moment. And, man, I feel fantastic...absolutely fantastic. And in other fun news...we want to build out own BBQ and get off the grid for our eating. Big call, I know - but what a challenge. And we want more chickens so we don't have to get rid of the ol' loves that don't lay as much, anymore...after all, it's not their fault they are entering menopause. And we're attempting to train Syd the Whippet to be a fully trained dog. It's very interesting, but we have had small successes.He doesn't seem to be eating as much furniture anymore...thank the furniture gods...


I am reading - and loving - the final Millenium trilogy book. Go Salander, I say.
I am doing exercise. Yes, I just choked, too.
I am studying nutrition...and, man, I am learning a lot.

That is all...just wanted to check in :)


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