Friday, 18 November 2011

Happy birthday little man...

Happy birthday sweet little man. Today you turned four. You got up at 4am and told us it was your birthday and you haven't stopped since petering out tonight at 8pm.You wanted lots of Smurf things and lots of Lego and lots of cars and tracks. You don't much care for the cake (never have), so that was the simple part of the day. But you loved getting the angry bird when we went out to dinner and loved all of your new trashies (The Trash Pack). More pressies and more family tomorrow, Mr Lucky One.

Most of all - we love you....


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  1. Happy Birthday to your lil man! My daughter turned 11 this week... I made the mother of all cakes! She's not much of a cake eater either, but she loved the cake all the same (I've blogged about it if you want to check it out). I'm logging off now to get ready for her sleep over tonight! A bunch of tweens giggling all night.. what have I got myself into!!!! LOL