Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Have you got your tartan on? Heel, kick...heel, kick...

I am coming up for air. From constant Christmas orders (thank you, lovely customers!), new fabric arrivals (some day I will stop buying fabric, I am sure!) and this awful humid Spring, these current days are just...well...flying by in a silent whooossssssssshhhhhh. I am trying to make myself gear up for Christmas - very unsuccessfully, I may add - and think of presents for my own loved ones. Why is everything I want for them hideously expensive? I don't have expensive taste, that's for perhaps they do! Bah. Anyhoo, when I feel some fear coming on I'll have a look at these old oatmeal bags I have and the dancing duo never cease to cheer me up. Wouldn't you love to get your oatmeal mix in a bag as lively as this?


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