Monday, 29 October 2007

Couture fabric auction...drool...drool...drool


We have been lucky with our fabric purchases at times - most of our estate collections are purchased locally and usually we are approached, or sometimes we are lucky to simply come across estates for sale that include the vintage fabrics. Other times we find out about auctions from international sellers - and a couple of years ago we were lucky enough to purchase fabric from this couture collection that went on auction in the US. We were lucky to pick up a lot of the silks and laces, most of which we have sold, although I would think we still have at least 25 pieces of the collection with us here.

The auction was completed over two days, with many bolts sold in groups to speed things up. All of the fabrics you see are original vintage, with many purchased in the 60's in France and Italy. Could you imagine an auction like this here in Australia...I would need some severe ventilation and no doubt CPR by the end of it!

Today is a day of fabric auction heaven...and time to drool :)


  1. Hi looking forward to this world. I just bought a warehouse of vintage fabrics. Does anyone know what the market is for Otterburn Mill woven wools? I have alot of work to do! I know that the Queen Mother ordered Queen Elizabeths baby pram blanket from otterburn. I also know they supplied the Royal Family with their Hunting Tweeds. Roll Royce used to include a blanket as an accessorie to the car. Any one know of the market potential? Look forward to this world. Driving Horses was my passion until I broke my back. This will do just fine. AMazing.

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of vintage fabrics! I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy yourself enriching your life with their lovely colour, texture and character. Unfortunately we know very little about old wools (this is a definite specialist area), but I am sure if you Google the brand, perhaps contact Museums etc you'll be able to find your information...

    I am glad you have found another passion, Judy :) - all the best!