Friday, 26 October 2007

So bad - but just so good! Retro interiors...

Of course, being vintage fabric lovers we are also huge fans of original retro interiors. We've just relocated into a huge original 1971 house, complete with orange St George oven and hotplates...hilarious and very kitsch. Brown everywhere, wood walls, door panelling...ahhhh, life away from beige and the 80's!

When renovating we feel it is really important to strike the right mix of modern and retro. For instance, we have shag rugs in almost every room - red, orange, brown, white etc etc...we love them and wouldn't have a home without them...even if they are dust catchers! We also use quite a lot of retro lamps instead of lighting and our decor is mainly teak in some rooms and art deco in others...all with Lynch and Tretchikoff prints, nude prints and lots of wonderful glassware and retro pieces. far do you go when renovating when these interiors were deemed some of the worst in 1974? It's from the Eurobad Exhibition - funny, aren't they? But some of them are just sooooo cool!

How they ever got carpet into bathrooms is beyond me...

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