Thursday, 18 October 2007

Ebay - vintage sewing patterns for vintage fabric!

We find a lot of old sewing patterns in the estate collections we purchase. As I don't sew (yes - you can recover from your coughing fit now!...but don't worry, I am thinking of learning!) they have always just been stashed in the 'have no idea what to do with' box. Now that I have some time of my hands waiting for the new bebe arrival I have found it quite relaxing to sit and go through each pattern one by one to check for all of the pieces and instructions.

I am putting them up on ebay for auction - you will find our auctions here. Wouldn't you love to make them with vintage fabric yardage instead of new fabric? I think the dresses would be sublime in the old original polished cottons...

Unfortunately I think I am going to run out of time to get them all up, but I'm giving it a darn good try considering I am waddling about like a duck...:)

All of the photos above are of old Vogue patterns, too...

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