Monday, 8 September 2008

Annus horribilis - no more!

Yes - we are here. Kind of. Loitering about. More like rushing about. As lots of our lovely customers know I am now referring to 2008 as our annus horribilis (thanks Queen Elizabeth!) - but now I have named it that I am also saying I think we're over the hump and moving forward.

Illness has stalked us this year, particularly me (gallstones) and now Gabriel - sick for more than seven weeks, but now hopefully on the road to the glorious recovery. It seems like I have talked so much about illness...that's how much it's played a role in our lives this year - and, as many of you know, we are not like that! We are go-getters, determined and quite healthy individuals...

Too tired for a complete update (Gabriel is up again, poor man), so have selected some photos of our life...

Above: The room that gives me solace - our piano room (no piano, it was termed that as it is glassed on two sides and has double brick or something or other) - note vases and such are not displayed as I have been moving stuff around, as usual :). I like sitting in here at night. It's so quiet and snug.

Below: Happy Father's Day from Logan :) His other hand is holding Daddy's - sooo cute...

Below: We are still trying to finish our stocktake. When we moved we had drums and drums of fabric and I stupidly unpacked it all when we got them out of storage. Now the fabric is just stacked. Lots on bolts, but just stacked...

Photo below: Ugh...more stacks...don't ask how much we have not in the website, either - it's embarrassing :)

Below: Our sleeping angel, Gabriel - ill at home, asleep on the couch, being looked after by Nanny...

Below: Gabriel just before getting sick again...loved his food! Now we're back to square one with Weetbix :)

Below: My topsy-turvy life - and my favourite cup and my fave drink, coffee - I feel like this in the morning, I can tell you!

Below: We have toys EVERYWHERE. They are driving me nuts - and we have a playroom for the kids...but that isn't working!

Below: Logan and I backed up a storm and made Mummy and Daddy sleeping in bed...well, that's what I was thinking, anyway. He thought they were two kids lying down on a rug looking at what pictures/shapes the clouds are making...

New arrivals going up soon - I promise!


  1. Michelle from The States11 September 2008 at 00:07

    Your love of vintage is so inspiring. I stumbled upon your blog months ago bc I love vintage fabric and you have some amazing stuff. But I also enjoy when you share pictures of your family, your boys are adorable. I hope that your little gets well soon. Thanks for posting all the vintage love!

  2. What a lovely comment! Thank you so much - I am so glad you like the blog and our little family :) I have to admit some people wouldn't do a blog like ours as it's attached to a fully fledged business - but we're not corporate, like a yack and a yarn or two and like you guys to know what you can about us and vintage too! Yay for vintage - and people like you :) Cheers - Vanessa