Sunday, 14 September 2008

To celebrate end of vintage fabric stocktake - free postage!

I can't believe we have finished. Finished. Stocktake. I have measured and booked and double checked and numbered and signed off and ticked every. single. fabric. we have for sale.

I am overjoyed and elated. All of a sudden the stocktake scarf carried over my shoulder for the past three or so weeks has listed and I feel lighter, happier and just so much more in control. Yee-har.

Now that stocktake is finished we are in celebration mode. Mild celebration - a baileys or two is in order (still feeding :) - but so is an offer of free postage Australia-wide...:) Yep, there you have it - free postage on the website starting as of five mins ago...and if you've made an order within the last few days we're refunding the postage to you, too...

Now I am able to focus on uploaded new arrivals. These photos are some that went up on the site today - there are around 17 in total at the moment....with lots more to come! To view the new arrivals click here.

We are working on extending our line, too - but more of that in another post....stay tuned :)

Have a fab week!

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