Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Would you?

When you leave your child at kindy you leave them in the care of kindy teachers/carers. You trust in them that your child's day will be safe and happy and carefree. You trust in them your child will not be taken aback by things outside of the ordinary. You trust that your child's last week in kindy forever will be a nurturing one, knowing he is fragile emotionally and understanding the big wide world is out there and he is coming out into it with primary school.

What you don't give permission for - nor expect - is for another parent to not just chide your son, but tell them off, for throwing their daughters expensive toy around. What you don't expect is for that parent to repeatedly tell your son he was bad. What you don't expect is for that parent to get furious in front of your child and raise their voice at them.

You see, some twit of a parent allowed their beloved daughter to take a very expensive and special toy to kindy. Most of the kids take a toy every now and then - a comfort thing, a show off thing, a camaraderie thing. But most parents know not to take expensive or special toys - just the run of the mill that is not missed if lost or broken.

But this parent allowed her daughter to take this toy. And my son played with it. And the Mother didn't like that. Repeatedly told Logan it wasn't his toy. And then he made the mistake of throwing it back at the daughter, scared. Naughty.

He has come home quiet, sad and scared, so he says. She scared him. He was in his comfort zone and she scared the crap out of him - and his carers didn't act swiftly enough. His final week of kindy has been marred by a STUPID parent over a STUPID toy which my son thought fun to play with. A stuffed toy. And being a boy he threw it, thinking it fun if his buddy caught it.

Shame on you, Petra's Mum. Shame on you.

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  1. I had a similar incident recently with the parent of one of my son's (ex)friends. She thought that yelling at my son and emotionally blackmailing him IN FRONT OF ME would be ok! Of course I stood up for him and after some horse-whispering got her to calm down enough to apologise. Needless to say we rarely talk anymore and I've found out subsequently that 'psycho' is a term that often comes up when referring to this particular mother... and not by me. Some people are just stupid.