Thursday, 11 September 2008

Vintage fabric and the fledgling photographer

It's amazing what happens when your five-year old gets a whiff you'll be upgrading your camera soon. All of a sudden he's decided to take shots of what he sees and what he gets up to - I couldn't help but share some lovelies with you tonight :) - above is our Nikken water system - lovingly referred to as R2-D2.

Above: 1950s pouffe - just starting to come apart so I have to get cracking and fix it...I love it!

Above: One side of the loungeroom...that's a wallart featuring Coppice by Mary White. One of my favourite pieces in the entire house.

Above: Fruit bowl. Yummy bananas!

Above: Mr Potato Head meets 1940s rayon being ironed....

Above: Dining room light fixture - it goes up and down - what a shame we don't play poker :)

Above: Tupperware animals on the floor...

Above: Study of Big Red tomato sauce....

Above: A headless Batman...

We have also uploaded five fabrics today - here they are can view them here.

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