Thursday, 2 April 2009

More photos of new arrivals...looking strange :)

Great sunshine today but I just didn't have the time to get out into it to take some clear shots of the fabric. I have 40 waiting patiently for their photo shoot. All neat and tidy on their bolts waiting to go off to new homes :)

The top piece is a 40s Cepea and the one directly above is a gorgeous polished cotton.

Fab retro paisley cotton linen above (one of my current faves!) and a paisley sweetheart below...

And a wipeout psychedelic piece below - cotton linen and oh so retro loveliness!

Hopefully tomorrow their shall be no parent teacher days, no sick kids, no Shadowclad quotes, no ducted heating quotes and no other stuff inbetween so I can get out into the sun. Poor Justin just logs and snips away.

PS. I have officially lost my admiration for tradies. They are officially on my 'hard to work with' list - if you can get GET them to quote, GET them to your home or even GET them to answer the phone...sigh...

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