Friday, 3 April 2009

Vintage linen - Irish and Scottish tea towels

Sometimes the lots we buy just doesn't contain vintage fabrics. As many of you know, those who have fabric envariably have other craft or crafty things. Most often or not lots have sewing patterns - we used to see these on ebay but now we prefer to give them gratis to buyers who collect them . And we come across buttons and ribbons and trims - although not a great deal of these are abouts nowadays - the original vintage ones, I am talking about.

And then occasionally you get some linen. Usually we give these away to family and friends who collect it and give the rest away to goodwill. When everyone has their fill...well, we've decided to offer some of the website...

You'll see a batch of teatowels going onto the site this week. All unused stored condition - antique pieces of Scottish and Irish linen...the best quality you'll find. Someone has (tried to) sew the linen into teatowels many a moon ago, so you shall be able to use them in the kitchen...or pop them into your own stash :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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