Monday, 6 April 2009

The vintage fabric sale section begins...

I am endeavouring to balance life and work and I am trying to structure the business to enable me to 'slot' things in when they should be slotted in. As hard as I try, this doesn't necessarily work for me. Things come into play - auctions to go to, kids to ferry to karate, Mill Markets to work at. So, the easiest way to put the fabric on sale is to do it whenever I can :)

The fabric sale section of the website will not be announced via the blog, website or our subscription 'new arrival' email. The fabrics will just go on sale quietly...and off sale quietly. But there will always be fabric on sale, that I can definitely promise you :)

I've started the 'vintage fabric on sale 100% of the time' today - here. Get set for some major price reductions over the weeks to come...and enjoy!

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