Saturday, 4 April 2009

Saturday in a whoosh

Today went by in an absolute whooooooooooosh! I got up and then blink! it's night time...I hate it when days are like that as it feels like I didn't really 'feel' the day - do you know what I mean?

I love Saturdays. Love reading the Saturday papers. Love going to be favourite fruit and vegie shop and buying fresh salad, fresh baked sourdough bread and yummy St Claire cheese and going home and popping it all together in a lip-smacking fab sandwich. I also visit my grandmother who is now in care (she has dementia) and sharing an hour or so with her and my boys. She loves them both - and is consistenly bombarded with the older ones new toys (today it was a Ben10 omnitrix thingie) and the toddler brought his box within a box toy (and also showed off his first pair of 'real' shoes vs the pre-walker Volleys he's been running around in). And then it was back home to enjoy a yummy dinner (sweet corn light fritters etc) and now, with boys all cosy and quiet, it's time to enjoy a scotch (or stomach still hates it!) and some TV for the first time is days................

I hope tomorrow is just as wonderful - but slower would be good!

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