Thursday, 16 July 2009

Being a gemini drives me nuts


I am a Gemini. Please don't hold it against me. As soon as people know I am a Gemini and 'supposedly' have two personalities they look fearful and suspicious. I am not a Jekyll and Hyde, but I do have the Gemini passion for starting projects - and then the Gemini boredom thresh-hold kicks in to kill it - always within a month. It makes me laugh - after it makes me frustrated! So I had this Grafton vintage fabric scan to pop up on The Vintage Day blog - and, you know what? I decided to pop it on here instead. Why on earth can't I keep a new idea going?


  1. Ha! Being a Gemini drives you nuts! Try having a kid who is a Gemini!! I have a contrary 3 y.o girl on my hands and I often curse the Gemini... It's fair to say neither of us were thinking about star signs at the time of conception...

  2. Ha ha...thinking about the stars at conception...that would be hilarious. I know - we're shocking, aren't we? I personally blame my Mother!

  3. Being a Gemini too I can relate! I try to call myself a finisher and I am, but I get distracted easily and move into too many things at the same time. I have enjoyed the gemini thing most of the time though.

  4. In essence, I think Gemini are wonderful - we like change and I love that. It's just sometimes I wished I could keep with something more than a month!

    Thank you for visiting the blog :)