Sunday, 5 July 2009

A Vintage Day - it's time to focus on vintage...

Danish light fixtures

Most of you know my love for all things vintage. The older I get the more my love and adoration grows. And as I renovate our home within that 'vintage ethos' the more I am addicted to vintage interior design.

I have always popped scans and photos of some of my favourite vintage 'things' in this blog. Now I have decided to focus my love of all things vintage on a seperate, dedicated blog...we've called it 'The Vintage Day' and you can view it here. I've only popped three things on thus far - but they give you an idea of what I would like it to be like...they'll be patterns, craft projects, recipes, adverts, illustration, interior fact, all things I come across, love or get a giggle out of...that's what I intend to show you there.

I want to send you back in I hope you enjoy 'The Vintage Day' ride :)

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