Monday, 13 July 2009

Grant Featherston chairs - The Vintage Day


I am having such fun with my new blog, The Vintage Day. I love vintage. I love viewing vintage - and I love collecting it. I adore Grant Featherston design and have always wished to come across a chair for $2. You know the dream.

Six degrees - I know an architect who designed Heide II (Heide - Museum of Contemporary Art, Templestowe) and he also knew Grant Featherston. Found out a few weeks ago he flew to Finland and Japan in the 1960s to evaluate which design ethic 'suited' Australia better. Finland won. He visited the original Marimekko factory and his face, even though he's now in his 80s, lights up when he talks about it. He loved their super graphic prints and brought some curtains back to his own home. And then piffed them out when his design ethic changed. I said Bah! to him and he laughed his head off. Hmmmm....

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  1. can anyone tell me what the original mark is for a Grant Featherton chair? I can't find anything online that says how to tell if one is real or a re-make.