Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A hopeless romantic


Most people who meet me get a surprise when they hear I am a hopeless romantic. I love romance - of yesteryear and of today. I love holding hands - a flash of an eye - an intense look of devotion. I love wooing, the flicker of the heart when you see your loved one, the anticipation of seeing them. I don't do candles very well, though :)


I tell friends being a girly girl doesn't automatically mean you're romantic. I am sooo not a girly girl yet I giggle like the best of them. I just hate wearing skirts :)

My favourite part of romance at the moment. Reading my new laptop 'desktop note' from Justin - "Don't forget you are loved". Pure beauty.



  1. Ah schucks!!!

    As one who is thinking about a laptop/notebook can you tell me what sort you got.....

  2. He is a sweetie (sometimes!)...

    The laptop is a fast Toshiba with lots of room on it - I think that's the layman's terms for a it!

    If you're still crafting away would you like to be a 'guest' on the blog?

    Hope you're well!

  3. Sure would that would be fun!!

    I can't lose the bug!