Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Coming atomic attractions - and the path for me...


Watching the horror of the earthquake hitting Christchurch in New Zealand was so very, very sad yesterday. Justin is from the North Island, but NZ is his homeland and it hit him quite hard. He's much better today and very thankful they are still finding survivors.

It made me realise the journey I am on is the right thing for me. Focusing on myself and my family and health is so important. Working more hours a day is not so important - I think of that famous saying questioning whether, when you are on your deathbed, you would wish you had worked more. Heck no! So that's me, at the moment - taking time out and getting to the roots of my life.

I uploaded some new vintage fabrics today - these two I have pictured here are not far away, either. They are giant atomic panels and we are very lucky to have multiple panels we will be selling. As you can see, they are incredibly rare pieces and will suit those who want a kapow! piece of wall art in their home perfectly...


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