Sunday, 6 February 2011

Forever young

This is such a beautiful version of this song (Forever Young by Audrey May). The vintage fabric man and I love Sons of Anarchy and the accompanying soundtrack. Highly recommended if you like your series' a little left of center, a la Dexter and True Blood.

I have been listening to music like this of soul seems to want to rest and slow down at the moment. Lots of soul, lots of orchestral pieces (oh, how Rimsky-Korsakov makes me soar!). My spirit has always been like this. I go like a bull at a gate and then...stop. Sit. Listen. And then I start again. It's all in the changing seasons of our lives. We have school and kindy starting/started. We have 2011 to build towards. We have adjustment in our lives with my broken hand. We have my lovely in-laws arriving from overseas soon. And we have had bad weather, flooding in our house, cyclones damaging QLD and flooding building up in Victoria again. There is something in the air at the moment...I can almost feel it. There is a shift...a change in my life. I was worried I wasn't going to embrace it there for a second...but now I know I am and I will...with open arms.

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