Wednesday, 9 February 2011

There is too much noise & sharing for me now...


It has taken me a while to work it out, but I finally did.

You see, my aversion to online societies, blogs, Facebook, RSS links, name it...has been growing and growing over the last six months. I found so much to read and so many people to interact with it was overwhelming. People want to tell us everything these days - there is not a great deal that is edited or streamlined. I can understand this - it's our modern world - but I realise the online noise is just too much for me now.

I read this post by Christopher Penn and it completely made sense. Of course, he's talking about it from a business perspective, but it works the other way around. From a reader and a browser's perspective there is too much, so you weed out the lives and businesses and personalities you can't be bothered reading anymore or sites you have liked for years are removed off your reading list.

I have been doing this for the past month and already I feel so much lighter and more focused. I missed the interaction at the start (well - the voyeurism into other people's lives), but now I no longer really remember what or who I have struck off my list. Kind of like when you declutter your home - you think you'll miss your possessions, but you really don't.

I had to streamline my online world to feel better in the real world.

A very strange feeling, indeed.

But now my life offline is so much richer for it.

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