Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The New Me - 2011


We have a lot we want to do in 2011 - Justin and I have ideas for the business and we also have ideas for ourselves, our family and our lifestyle.

I started on a new 'me' journey yesterday. I want a new me in 2011. I want to work on my mind, body and spirit to be where I want to be and to be who I want to be. When life gets complicated and busy you tend to forget about the most important person - you. I know the day I became a Mum for the first time my whole life changed - for the good, but 'me' ended up coming in last.

I am changing that now. I have a 10-week journey ahead of me that I am very excited about. I am not going to blog about it now, but I am writing a journal behind-the-lines which I'll choose shap shots of after the 10 weeks have concluded.

At last - it feels so right to love myself more than ever. About time, I say!