Sunday, 5 October 2008

Art deco lady fabric...unironed, but just had to show!

Can you believe I forgot we had this piece? I set myself to enjoying the sunshine today - and to photographing as many fabrics as I possibly could. I have just downloaded them to the laptop - approx 320 photos with an average of 2-3 shots per fabric. Eeekkk...that means 100 fabrics are waiting for me back at work tomorrow :)

I got to the end of my tether and got into a tizz - got overworked and then tried to just motor on, not caring what the fabric was or what it looked like.

Thus, I have some hilarious shots of unironed fabrics. Ironing is not my forte, I can tell you!

This is a piece I forgot we had - it's a vintage late 60s or early 70s shiny polyester with a border print of this lady's face - the face is huge, around 30cm high, from memory. I love it - and am sure it will look so much better when I iron it. I remember th lady I bought if from years ago explained to me that it's a famous art deco looks more hippie 60s to me - but if anyone knows otherwise let me know...

Have a great week all!

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  1. There is an Art Deco-age artist by the last name of Mucha (mooha). I think his first is Alphonse or something, and this looks like one of his paintings. Can you tell me how to buy this fabric from you? I am having trouble navigating the website. Many thanks.