Sunday, 26 October 2008

It's official....I'm scared...

I am so grateful to have had the day we've had. Much merriment in vegie garden madly clearing dirt, planting a plethora of vegies and herb and satisfying trip to hardware store for sander (for renovating first room!) and pea straw to keep as much water in our vegie patch as possible. We're heading for harsher water restrictions - they have altered our stage four restrictions for daylight savings hours and we are now only allowed to water our garden beds for one hour, twice a week. We planted corn, tomatoes, carrots and yummy lettuce....ooohhh...can't wait for the crisp lettuce...

There are two things on my mind tonight. Love me or hate me - but this is what I am thinking about:

1. Why do people in our region/town continue to water their garden beds filled with roses, pansies and pretty things? Why do they waste our precious resource on trying to keep plants alive just because they like them? I am only using our water for sustenance - vegie patch and herbs - but one of our neighbours continues to use her alloted watering days ensuring her lovely roses, creepers and other things and kept alive and well. In times when there is a plentiful amount of water - fine - in times like this when farmers are battling to give us food? Shocking.

2. The melamine scares in China and now Hong Kong. Now melamine has been found in eggs in Hong Kong that were imported from China. That's right - this melamine has made it's way into chicken feed. So not only has is killed kids, dogs - but now chickens. I am horrified. Horrified.

Seriously - I can't plant enough in the vegie patch when I hear that type of news. At least I know what goes into my dirt!

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  1. Is it because they've been there and lived through that already? My pop had a grand vegie garden, but my nan won't have one since he died and hates old things. Is always replacing old, worn things with new sparkly things. She's ridded herself of all kinds of treasures. The family theory is she's been there, done that and is not going to scrimp or save or thrift ever again. Also, could it be people just want a small piece of beauty in their lives and are quite proud of it. Each to their own. I have veg, but I have kept the rose (singular) and camellias planted by the previous owner of my house. It's like I've kept some of the house history in the garden. The rose is awful and I have no idea what to do with it, but I pour grey water over it when I remember, but really it just keeps blooming without interference from me. I weed and mulch around it (more mulching than weeding) and it always blooms. I do feel some sense of pride and wonder when it does that.