Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Nights in White Satin (vintage satin!)

It must be my age. Or my hormones. Or my love of the vintage eras....but, at the moment, I can't get enough of old music. Old classics. Beautiful classics. Nights in White Satin is one of them. Such a gorgeous song by the Moody Blues. A shocker of a video...but they didn't want to move their bodies back then, did they? Just the tap tap tap of the head and feet and the occasional move by the flautist. Still trying to work out what they are standing around. A gold pylon of some sort :)

We have been busy with orders and gift vouchers and new things on the horizon. My brain is ticking over way too much and I am starting to feel the classic insomnia return. I have always been a veritable night owl - I think better at night, feel calmer and more awake (if you can believe it). My best creative stuff is always done at night.

We have the second lot of vegies heading for the vegie patch at the moment - and more herbs. By the time we're 80 it should be finished! I can't wait...the first batch of herbs look a treat and I am looking forward to harvesting our first garlic crop in Summer. Homegrown garlic. Yum.

If I can get the website functionality right there should be five new fabrics up. Should be being the veritable words :)

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  1. oh I LOVE that song sooo much! I like thaqt longer version where the guy starts talking in it and does a voice over thing.