Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Atticus Finch and To Kill A Mockingbird

If it's one lesson I am trying to instill in my sons (well - the one who can talk!) it's to never forget to see as many new things as you can each day - whether it's the same object or person from a different perspective or something totally new...and to never forget to try and learn something new every day. Like a new word. A new experience etc.

I have just been having a hilarious time watching the British Parliament. What is with all of that standing up and down business - I take it it's all in vain trying to catch the Speaker's eye, but the constant up and down just served to get me distracted! I have only ever seen that Parliament in quite a rigid sense - but the ritual of standing to ask a question was something I had never seen before.
I learnt the lesson of always looking at things from a different perspective not from my parents, but the wonderful character of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. I remember him telling his daughter Scout to always jump into the other person's skin to see the world through their eyes. Such wonderful advice - and such a powerful and poignant part on not only the book, but the movie as well. If you like the film here is the theme - sorry, couldn't find the actual 'skin' scene :)

I am trying to remind myself of how special each and every day is. I try to find happiness in daily things, beauty in things I see all of the time and I try and feel my heart's joy at what most satisfies and delights me. My husband, my sons, my family, my friends - and, yes, vintage fabrics :)

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