Thursday, 23 October 2008 vintage fabric and everywhere else...

I am finding myself obsessed with colour at the moment. In almost everything I am doing colour is playing a prominent - and very important - role. Get the wrong colour and it could ruin all sorts of things. For one, we are starting to renovate our 1970s home. We don't want the modern dentist style of renovation, either - we want something in keeping with the kitsch design of the house and also something intrinsically us. So I want white - with a hint of lovely colour here and there.

And in our creative vintage fabric projects we are finding it so much fun to combine colour. The colour of a pale lemon lame brocade couture with a pink satin stripe fabric. Sounds horrid - but looks divine.

And...lastly...should I join the legion of women worldwide and start to colour my hair? I did it when I was a younger lass LOL - but, at 35, I am starting to see some highlights on my head I haven't seen before. I call them reflections. I see them in the mirror, glinting here and there. I am wonderful whether to return to my youthful glory days and locks or let it go. Let myself my honest. Maybe I should go red for that?

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  1. Ahhh. I can't decide either. I have been adamant about not dyeing my hair. I have always hated the result and it requires maintenance. But there's a lot of silver just popping up, A LOT! I don't think I can do it. My last experiment with dye was surely a lesson learned. Surely.