Monday, 23 February 2009

bake your own bread, white bread, bread recipe

Okay, peoples. I have two super huge bread tins in my kitchen. I need to use them. Need to bake yummy homemade bread. Problem is, can't find a trusted white or wholemeal or multigrain bread recipe. Anyone out there have one they would like to share??


  1. Jamie Oliver's basic white bread is my favourite.
    1 tblspn sugar
    1 tblspn salt
    1kg high grade flour
    14g active dried yeast
    650mls tepid water.

    I put sugar, salt, then flour, then yeast (so the yeast and salt don't touch coz apparently salt cancels yeast). Then start to mix and then add the tepid water. I have a machine with a dough hook, so I leave it on there for 10 mins. The I leave it to rise to double (which takes 2 hrs or 6 hrs depending on the weather - covering with glad wrap helps). I bake mine at 225 for 20-25 mins or until sounding hollow when knocked on the bottom. I bake this bread at least twice a week and it makes me 2 loaves to the kilo of flour. Enjoy.

  2. ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh...that sounds too easy! So basically you shove everything together (making sure the salk and yeast don't chat)...mix, mix mix and then I leave it to double in size. Then just pop in tin and bake at 225c or f??

    Sorry to ask again - just want to make sure I get it right before attacking the recipe! Alsp - can you add any other ingredients??

    Thanks so much for the recipe...I'll let you know how I go!!