Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Vintage fabric pouch - seconds

We have a small collection of gorgeous vintage fabric pouches that are seconds. You know, a little something funky about them - different funkiness for each, too:). All are completed and in perfect working order and all are reinforced with fine wool wadding. If you would like any of them please let us know via the comments - each one is only $7 to cover postage and packaging to you (Australia only). International would be an extra $5 for postage...

1. The one at the top of the blog is a little money purse made with rare 1960s barkcloth and lined with 1970s Panton style dot fabric. Gorgeous save for a crooked zip. THIS POUCH IS NOW SOLD

2. The one above is made with lovely 1960s cotton with an orange and pink psychedelic design and lined in pure orange crepe. It is 12" wide. Absolutely fine save for one small 1mm mark on one side on the pink - and the mark is a slightly darker pink.

3. The one above is absolutely fine bar a slightly crooked zip. Same fabrics as number #2. Also 12" wide. THIS ONE IS NOW SOLD.

4. The pouch above is 12" wide and made with 1970s sunburst fabric and lined with 1960s atomic geometric yellow. The zip is crooked.

5. The pouch above is 12" wide and made with orange 1960s fabric and lined with a 1970s orange op art blend. Fine save for a slight crooked line on the base and a small 1mm mark on the inside near the bottom.

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