Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The dream vintage home

Anyone who knows us or who follows this blog regularly will know we love vintage mags and the vintage aesthetic.

We found this article in House and Garden USA, 1969 and it is definitely Justin's dream home. It's round, kinda space age and it rotates. Yes, rotates.

The article is a great read and the plan is just interesting. We wish they still designed houses like this these days...well, they do, but they are still so bloody expensive!

We're slowly working away through our own reno and rejuvenation plans. Starting with solar power and solar hot water. Learning to keep things to a minimum.

Still haven't narrowed down the flooring. Still thinking polished concrete for heat/insulation reasons but I know some houses can echo with this finish...

Other than that - we need to find this home and buy it today :)

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