Thursday, 26 February 2009

Looking forward while going back

I am finding the older I get the more I look back. Back to my teens. Back to my 20s. I wonder why? Is it the poignancy of the teen years and the utter passion of life driving your days and weeks and months - or the late teens and early 20s when life opened up in all of its majesty...and you found yourself finally shopping alone at supermarkets and thinking "sheesh - is this all there is to it?".

I am thinking a lot about ways to make our property greener, kinder to the earth. We thought going solar was the way to go but as we have natural gas we've been told to hold off as prices are sure to plummet in the coming months. We thought solar electricity would be wonderful as well but apparently you have to shove a crap-load of them on your roof to carry the supply our house and family need. Best to wait.

Things I thought about today:

1. Can't wait 'til the weekend when I can have a really good crack at making my first homemade bread
2. Wondering if I could sneak a look at our first Bokashi dump in our backyard
3. Getting peeved at people who offer to sell you fabric, give you a length of fabric, agree on postage and price and then, when I get it, find out the fabric is not as described and postage was three times what it cost them...shame, shame...
4. Wondering if I should do more freelance writing cos I love writing
5. Thinking about growing up listening to Split Enz and listening to them on YouTube
6. Worrying about the hideous weather coming Victoria's way once again tomorrow...

I'll leave you with a lovely kitsch 1984 love song :)...more fabric going up onto the website soon (including the one pictured above)...I think the Sunday Market is going to be flooded in the next week or so!!

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