Monday, 16 February 2009

Vintage fabric routine...

Sometimes life goes by in its usual routine. Like today was Kitchen Monday...which means everything else is tidied and the kitchen utterly cleaned. Boring. Or perhaps you'd like to know about the yum Queen Pudding I baked yesterday. Salivated. Five-year-old wouldn't have a bar of it but we devoured it. Or perhaps you'd be interested to know 50 new fabrics went into our stall at the Newcomb Mill Markets in Geelong and we're got around 30 going onto the website this week. Better.

We're headed up to Melbourne on Saturday for some fabric business. While there we're making a day of it. If you live in Melb and have rug rats what would you recommend - Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Museum or Scienceworks? The five-year-old loves the zoo and museum but we've never been to scienceworks - thoughts?


  1. Thank you, Dee - I am glad you like them!

  2. I took Alex to Scienceworks a lot when he was small. It's not that far from us. There's a great room upstairs which is dedicated to littlies, (you just have to dodge all the school groups!) Downstairs is fun too, Much more advanced but lots of cool stuff to explore. Then a terrific outdoor space to let off some steam and maybe eat lunch. The shop is fantastic- Enjoy!
    I should go again with the younger two, we haven't been for ages!

  3. Ooohhh...goodie - thanks Zofia! Scieneworks has definitely won hands down :)