Friday, 27 February 2009

Modernist design - 50s and now

When you have a 70s house and you're looking for ideas to renovate and improve most people would turn to modern homes and the usual display homes. We haven't done that. For lots of reasons - mostly, because we like quirky or unusual design.

I am starting to think if you like the gorgeous old 50s homes and their modernist outlook then perhaps the natual leaning is the clean style of upmarket architecture of today. I say upmarket as these homes have obviously taken a dollar or so so to design and build - but I would think you could do something like these on a smaller 'budget' scale.

I love clean lines. I love modernist - not modern - but modernist. Clean, basic...almost emotionless. I love the photo below - the house is just so of the element, isn't it? I also love the one above - basic colourway, different materials (well, for me, anyway) and the basic design of yard/pool and abode.

One side of me thinks so the normal and reno our house with affordable tools and affordable materials etc...and then the other half says no! - break out to unusual ground and do something you can afford, but something that's quirky, eye-catching and simple.

Problem is - can you make a kitsch 70s double brick house something you'll never forget?

All of these images are from Steven Holl's website. Take a look and prepare to have your breath sucked right out of you.

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