Thursday, 29 July 2010

I am sick and tired of old fruit and vegetables from Safeway and Coles

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(Walking into room)

(Putting soapbox down)

(Stepping on to soap box)

(Clears throat)

Righto - this post is a small vent. I have had it to the back teeth with old fruit and vegetables from our local supermarkets. Usually I go to a traditional fruit and vegetable store, but in recent weeks I have been bad and rushing around the supermarket like a headless chicken.

I rushed in to Safeway on Saturday and purchased, amongst other things, some broccolini, potatoes, mushrooms and a red capsicum.

I could bend the broccolini in half, without coming anywhere near snapping it, by Monday. I threw it in the compost.

All of the potatoes were going green by Tuesday. I shaved and shaved them - mashed potato at dinner.

I used the mushrooms for lunch everyday. They were massively drying out by Monday and were rubbery by Tuesday.

I used the capsicum for lunches. Wrinkled by Wednesday.

And, yes, this is all with the correct storage of them. Sick of crappy fruit and vegies from supermarkets. I can't wait until all of our garden starts to really come on and give us fresh, crisp and nutrient-laden food...

(Thanks peeps for listening to her rant)

(Says have a lovely day!)

(Gets off soap box)

(Leaves room)


  1. I hate coles, but its the closest thing to me. The veggies are terrible! I had the same bendy experience with zuccini... yuk. Dam you Coles Geelong, *Shakes fist*. Anywho, hurry and grow some vege, I'll buy some from you! tee hee

  2. Bar ha ha - I need to join you in *shaking fist* at Coles Leopold! I never knew I had to do the bending test before buying vegies :)

  3. I have the same problem in my town. No fruit and veg shops just woollies and franklins. We now have a farmers market every couple of weeks but queues for fruit and veg are long!! I am planning to grow my own too.

  4. We now have a farmers market every month, too, Jo - but it's hard going in Winter (I hate cold mornings!) and there seems to be very little produce...mostly boutique stuff. If there was a market in my local town like Melbourne's Queen Vic I think they would earn a million...sigh...

  5. Every year we have a big garden, except this year. I'm with ya.

  6. That's what I want, Nanette - a big garden! takes a long time to start, though - but we're get there!