Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Whatya up to today?

It's a lovely Wednesday morning here and I have already started filling our new set of shelving. I am listening to 3AW, looking out at the sunshine and I'm completely alone....I have to admit, I love working in silence, with just music or the radio going. I am going through all of our remnant pieces today - splitting them into little scraps, useable pieces and larger pieces...all by colourway. You can imagine how many pieces we have - I refuse to throw much away! - but it's a job needing to be done, so I'll go through it little by little.

What are you doing today? Are you having a wonderful day at work or at home or is your day a little meh? If it's a little meh I hope it gets brighter and better! Think of something you love....chocolate, for me!...and perhaps that may bring a little, teeny, weeny smile to your face...


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