Monday, 19 July 2010

Never take the word virus for granted

At my age you'd think I'd have learnt most things 'health wise' by now...not the big stuff, but the little stuff. You'd think I would have questioned how I could still be so sick a full two months after getting the virus. Well - I did. I visited my doctor a month ago (again) who said it was a virus, nothing could be done...just rest, rest, rest! Well, I rested as much as possible (as you can imagine, with a house, a business, a husband and two kiddies) but over the weekend I got worse. I cracked it, I tell you. I stalked off to another doctor as mine isn't open on weekends and pleaded for her to tell me that, yes, all I had was a virus. She shook her head even without touching me - no, she said, you can see your sinuses let me have a look at you and see what else I can find.

She found infected sinuses and bronchitis. Yes - me needed antibiotics! I cheered when she said I needed antibiotics - for the first time ever, cheered I needed medication that I loathe! So I am on day two of the drugs and feeling okay-ish. So never take the word virus for granted - because it can turn into other things within 24 hours! Yes - I know, I know...I should have known, shouldn't I? Woops!

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