Monday, 26 July 2010

Postage policy update

We had an interesting weekend in some ways. We've been debating whether to register all parcels we send out (we keep hearing of horror stories with other online merchants) and then, out of the blue, we got an email from Paypal detailing a chargeback generated by a customer's bank. One positive is it has nothing to do with our stock - it is a fraud case and her credit card has been used without her authority. Now Paypal is locked in a battle with her bank account to get to the bottom of it - but it looks like, even though we have order confirmation emails and receipts to confirm we posted the fabric, that we will have to foot the bill as we can't prove the fabric actually arrived (not that it makes a difference in a fraud case IMHO). Thank goodness it's only AUD$60! But, upon reading the Paypal buyer/seller protection program in full, Paypal would have had to have picked up the bill had the parcel been registered.

We've also had a couple of parcels taking too long to arrive recently - and it's been frustrating for us that we can't track the location of the parcels (both customers opted to choose just normal postage), we've had to come to a difficult decision. Instead of charging our customers a nominal $2 postage/packaging fee, we have now updated our website to offer complete peace of mind:

Aussie customers - can choose between $6 Registered Post or $10 Express Post (all you pay for your entire order). If Express orders are placed before 11am they will be posted that afternoon. If they arrive after 11am they will be posted on the next business day.

International - registration is now compulsory for all parcels.

Thought you would like the update!

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