Monday, 23 August 2010

The chicken came before the egg...

Saturday was a big day for our household. Not only did we vote to elect a Prime Minister and a majority party to lead our country (don't ask), but we also received our first free range egg from our own little ! I wish you could have been there - it was like I had given birth all over again, such was the happiness bursting from us all! The lovely Chook (pictured below, photo taken by the two-yearold) gave us our first delicious bounty - I didn't get time to take a photo of the amazing yolk colour as the egg was devoured too quickly - note to self to take a photo of one soon! Thank you, Chook!


  1. Congrats! There is nothing like a fresh natural egg.

  2. We are finding that out, Jo - here we were thinking the free range eggs at the supermarket were kind of like the home free range ones...:)...gosh, we couldn't have been more wrong!