Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Just 10 minutes can change your day

Truck Stop Diner, originally uploaded by jwoodphoto.

Now that I am focusing on living the day instead of thinking about yesterday and tomorrow, I am finding myself more strict with how I spend my time. I have a lot of little jobs that need doing - superannuation stuff (we run our own), doing the business finance, sorting through paperwork and mail - and sorting through the daily fabric scraps. So I got to thinking about doing these jobs (that aren't that fun) in just 10 minute time slots. I set the timer and away I go, safe in the knowledge in less than 10 minutes I can do something I love. It's amazing how much I have gotten done - I highly recommend it! Pop the microwave timer on, if you like, do something that needs doing for just 10 minutes and then have a break or do something you love...wonderful!

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