Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Is that the modern woman's lament?

I have decided I need to balance things - properly. Most days I visualise myself balacing plates with hands, feet, tongue and head...only for them to fall everywhere when I lose the balance. Like you, I try and balance a lot in my life. Family, household, business, living life, my time, creative time, fitness etc...and there is never enough time to do everything and I don't seem to do it all as well as I would like. Is that the modern woman's lament? Perhaps.

When everything is out of whack I worry and get frustrated sometimes. And this is not good - for my health, for one thing, and for those around me. When I am frustrated I don't think clearly, so it does me no good at all.

So, I am in search of balance. And living for the day. Little steps, little steps. I have to remind myself I can only do one thing at once and I can do big things with one little step after another. Yes, I can!

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