Monday, 30 August 2010

Win $50 worth of divine vintage fabrics with Frankie!

First up, can I say a big thank you to the lovely Peta Pledger for sending me this pic via Facebook. I knew Retro Age were in this issue of Frankie - but I haven't received my subscription yet, so I haven't told you about it. But the lovely Peta sent this through - so I can tell you how to win some wonderful vintage fabric!

The wondergul gals at Frankie loved our website and we are more than happy to offer four $50 vouchers with this Frankie offer. But not only do you get to win a voucher - we have also popped in some vintage fabric, vintage fabric covered buttons, a brooch and it's all housed in our vintage fabric pouches....yes, yes, YES! There are four packs to win, too! Hurrah!

So email Frankie at and pop Retro Age in the header to win - and then you can start shopping on our website and buy the fabric you like!