Thursday, 26 May 2011

K.I.S.S is our future


In this age of digital communication we are hit by constant information and infinite choices. What about this? What about that? Not right? Then look at this? Too much? Then this might be best for you. You want red? No, then how about blue. Blah...blah....blah...the drone goes on and on. To escape it you have to log off the internet, your email and every other page on your computer - in short, you have to turn your computer off.

I am realising the minimalist - or simple - pathway is the best one for me. The simpler life is the happier I am - a simple equation, really. For breakfast I ate our homemade bread lightly toasted, local pumpkin, local potatoes, local onion and our own free range eggs (lots of it left over from dinner). It was delicious - and made all the more delicious as I knew where most of the ingredients came from.

I have been thinking about the KISS principle - keep it simple, stupid. I heartily agree with this premise. It appears to be a worldwide trend to simplify, to alleviate choice and confusion.

The internet will only get bigger and more complicated. We can buy products down the road at the local stores or the local stores in thousands of cities around the world. The world is now our backyard, our community. What an exciting - and scary! - time.


The last time I looked on our website we had more than 1000 vintage fabrics for sale. That is a lot of fabric! Upon talking to some long term customers there really was only one thing to do to make it easier - simpler - for people to purchase (and for us to manage). And that was to give our customers minimal options and all the time in the world to browse.

Retro Age is changing this year - and this is just the beginning. I am totes excited about it. We don't pretend to be anything else but business owners who love vintage fabric. We don't want to do anything else but sell you vintage fabric - no other products, no other services, no other vintage stuff, nothing made from the fabrics blah blah. We are, from the bottom of our little hearts, vintage fabric lovers and sellers. That's it - that's the sum of us. And I love that sum of us, I truly do.

In order to manage our fabrics online - and to offer a streamlined shopping environment - customers now have exactly what they are after. Minimal pathways to lots of stock. So, from today, we're starting to adjust the website - now you can shop by New Arrivals (which we're changing to the past three months of stock), View All Vintage Fabrics and we're now starting to really focus on Vintage Fabrics On Trend. So, if you're after the latest fashion or interior look, you'll be able to buy sustainable and purchase the vintage - original - alternative.

So much to talk to you guys about - and so much to do. For now, it's back to work for me...


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